Hello, my name is Ryan and I am excited to be taking over our first installment of the Wine Wednesday series where today I’ll be talking about one of my favorite varietals: Syrah! I love Syrah in general, but specifically Hawk Haven’s Signature Series Syrah. It is one of my favorites because although I can (and do!) drink it year-round, it’s just a little extra satisfying in the cooler months. It’s such a delicious wine and it really pairs well with the hearty, savory dishes I crave this time of year.

What Makes Syrah, Syrah

Syrah is known as a Rhone varietal, meaning it originated in the  Rhone Valley region of Southern France. It is among the top 10 most grown grapes in the world, and its higher acidity makes it a great wine for aging. A lot of people have asked us what is the difference between Syrah and Shiraz, and the answer is: there’s no difference! Shiraz wines are typically from Australia and although flavor profiles may differ as they do in different regions, it’s the same exact grape varietal as Syrah.



Hawk Haven’s Unique Syrah Characteristics

When making this wine, Winemaker Todd used the skins of another Rhone varietal, Viognier, to round out the body and lend some nice floral notes to the nose. These then give way to the spicy pepper, mineral, and dark fruit aromas we expect from a well-made Syrah. On the palate, this medium-plus bodied wine offers generous minerality and notes of blackberry and fresh peppercorns, with smooth tannins lingering on the finish.





Pairing Syrah with Food

Just thinking about this wine makes me happy, but of course drinking it is even better, especially when it’s paired with something delicious. This past weekend I paired the 2015 Signature Series Syrah with two incredible dishes: Rabbit Stew, and Mushroom Bourguignon. One for the meat lovers and one for my veggie loving friends! The wine paired perfectly with both; the flavor components of the Syrah really complimented the earthy characteristics of these two savory meals. Below are the recipes to these soul-warming dishes, enjoy! And let us know why you love Syrah and your favorite pairings!


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