A Guide to Holiday Self Care

Self Care for the Pandemic Holidays

This year has already been pretty stressful...now we're adding the holidays filled with family obligations, shopping for the perfect gift, and making sure every stocking is hung with care (and perfection). Now it is more important than ever to remember that a little self care goes a long way.

Below are a few suggestions to get you on the right path. The recommended wines can be purchased by clicking the links at the bottom of the page. 

Treat Yourself

It is OK to shop for a gift for someone else and buy something for yourself at the same time. Read that again. If you're feeling stressed about finding the perfect gifts for others, just pop something in the cart for yourself and don't look back! We're ~all~ guilty of doing that... but we say nix the guilt.

Treating yourself can also be as simple as putting on your favorite Christmas movie and snuggling up in your warmest slippers with a cup of hot cocoa. While you're at it, pour in a little Hawk Haven Flying Press Red for the grown-up version! So what are you waiting for? Grab those slippers, pour that wine, and #treatyoself!


Sometimes self-care is a good work out. But let's not downplay the joy of indulging in your favorite treat or meal! It is comfort food season, after all. Chili mac & cheese... Chinese food... warm brownies or chocolate chip cookies right from the oven! You probably need to wine down a bit too. Grab a bottle of Hawk Haven Pinot Grigio for a crisp cooling glass of wine with a hint of sweetness to get you back to your vibrant self!

Home Spa

Draw yourself a bath, drop a bath bomb in there and set the mood with some candles and relaxing music. Add some calming scented oils like lavender or bergamot to a diffuser while you unwind with a glass of Hawk Haven Talon; the perfect wine to sooth your holiday stress.

Pro tip: send all members of the household out on a mission so you don't have any distractions!

Special Occasion with a nice bottle of wine

Create your own special occasion at home with the ideal bottle of wine, Signature Series Cabernet Franc! We suggest cooking up a nice London Broil and go nuts with your favorite side dishes. Bust out the china, light some candles, and put on a little Bublé. You can even create a fresh holiday centerpiece by cutting some greenery from outside. Invite your friends/family or create the whole experience for yourself. You deserve it!

Bucket List

Sit down, pour a glass of Hawk Haven Proprietor's Red Blend, and create your bucket list of personal care to dos! This will help you keep on top of that self care that is so important, not just this holiday season, but all year round. Here are a few more to get your started; feel free to add your own and let us know what you're doing to treat yo' self!

1. Meditate daily for 10 days
2. Take a masters class
3. Start a journal

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